Vietnam places missile launchers on disputed islands

Vietnam places missile launchers on disputed islands

Vietnam secretly delivered missile launchers on disputed Stratli islands in Southern Chinese Sea. They have been installed on five bases. Allegedly, they can be brought to a full combat readiness in two or three days.  

It is believed that they are dealing with system called EXTRA, purchased from Israel.  EXTRA (Extended Range Artillery) is an artillery system capable of hitting multiple targets at the same time including both sea and ground targets. This system can work with drone scout aircrafts.

According to observers these steps are a counteraction against the military presence of China in the region. Experts also notice this Vietnamese decision being the most important for consolidating the issue of disputed islands in the South China Sea.

Officials of Vietnamese Foreign Affairs Ministry claimed the information as “inaccurate” refusing further comments.

Spratly Archipelago Islands are disputed among Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines and Brunei.  Recent Vietnamese actions can increase tension between the relationships of Hanoi and Beijing.