North Korea intends to continue nuclear tests

North Korea intends to continue nuclear tests

North Korean authorities announce about resuming production of plutonium breeder out of fuel exhaust rods. “The nuclear tests will not end until there is a threat from US”- the authorities added.

 This statement was made by the associate of Nuclear Energy Institute of North Korea during their interview to the Japanese media.

“We have processed the waste fuel rods from graphite reactor”- remarked the associate of the institute of Nuclear science and research department which is situated in Yongbyong.

The authorities of the Institute also stated that process of uranium enrichment for energy and nuclear weapon purposes are going according to the “schedule”.

The last, the fourth nuclear test, was carried out on January 6 in 2016 in the nuclear area in Pangiri. According to the North Korean authorities, these tests are for self-defense purposes maintaining peace in Korean peninsula against possible nuclear threat from the imperialist allies leading by the US. According to the words of Pyongyang official hydrogen bomb of reduced power was blasted as a test.